The Horner Collection

We are currently crowdfunding to purchase The Horner Collection, a group of over 1000 photographs which were taken by the Horner family who ran a photography studio in Settle.  These photographs capture the changing faces and places of Settle and the surrounding areas for nearly a hundred years.

Here is the current list of names of those pictured in the Horner Collection. It is not exhaustive: we may discover more named portraits when we are able to examine the collection in more detail. Where dates and locations are recorded, we have included those too.


Black and sepia photo of the inside of a 19th century fish and chip shop featuring a man and a woman in aprons


John Geldard Jnr, 1867

Mrs Ball and son, 1905

Mrs Mary Thistlethwaite, 1865

Mrs Garstang, Giggleswick, 1867

Mrs Thistlethwaite, Settle, 1867

Mr and Mrs Hardy, Settle, 1875

Mrs Geldard, Giggleswick, 1866

Miss Clapham, Austwick

Miss Geldard

Mrs Thompson’s baby, Ribblehead, 1900

C Malkinson

Mrs Tatham, 1868

Jonathan Jackson, Langcliffe

Mrs Harger, Chapel le Dales, 1867

Sally Geldard, Cappelside (Rathmell)

Holmes, 1914

Miss Steward, Rose Cottage, 1866

Black and white photo of a Victorian man seated in a chair

Alfred Brayshaw, one of the people in the collection

Mrs Holmes’ Children, Bentham, 1904

Hartley, Langcliffe, 1864

Mrs Holmes, Bentham, 1904

Mr Howarth, Settle, 1885

Hartley, mother and child, 1872

Mrs Hartley, Barrel Sykes

Mr H Matthews, Settle, 1868

Ellen Hartley, Settle, 1866

Mrs Harvey, Settle, 1865

Mr and Mrs Harger, 1865

Mr and Mrs Clark, 1865

Mrs Spencer, Long Preston, 1866

Mrs Kitchen, Long Preston, 1905

Mrs K. Flachs, Aysgarth, 1905

Charles Brockbank, Settle, 1868

Edith Harger, 1865

Mr Harrison, 1868

Ms Clapham, Austwick, 1865

Brockbank, Manchester, 1868

Ludell, Settle

Maggie Thislethwaite, 1916

Peason Parsonage

Miss Harvey

Lady M.J. Hartley, Langcliffe, 1866

Anne Wildman, 1867

Miss Harding and Miss Thomson, 1870

Miss Dawson, Marshfield, 1866

Hart Family, White House

Mr Kitchen, 1881

Miss Jane Horner, 1868

James Yeadon

Black and white photo of a man standing casually. He is almost leaning against the wall

A Horner, one of the Horner Family who created the collection.

Miss Bolland

Harrison, Bentham, 1904

Miss Paley, Kettlesbeck, Clapham, 1904

Master Birkbeck, 1880

Mr K Corrin, Clapham, 1875

Miss Nellie Abbotson, Long Preston, 1886

Miss Batty, Low Bentham, 1889

Lady H S

Master Bob Gedard

Miss Sally Geldard

Mr J. Geldard

Miss Geldard, 1872

Master F Geldard, 1873

Miss L Geldard, 1871

Mr C Geldard 1976

Mr Clarke’s children, 1883

Master Sydney Smith, Settle, 1863

Mrs Metcalfe’s little girls, Settle, 1863

Mr Parker, Hawkswick, 1875

John Lord, Upper Settle

Mr Altham, Settle

Alfred Brayshaw


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