(Gill O’Donnell & Chris Marflitt)

Geordie sisters with close links to North Yorkshire, Gill O’Donnell has lived in Giggleswick since 1994 and Chris Marflitt is married to a Yorkshireman that she met on York Station!

They formed “the tunnel” when they retired/escaped from teaching and found themselves not only with the luxury of “spare time” but also the urge to do something creative. They quickly found that they were constantly sparking ideas off one another and so Escape Tunnel Crafts was born.

They particularly enjoy the idea of making things that will make people stop in their tracks and say “ooh, now that’s a bit different!”. They enjoy crafting together and apart: with the fairies Gill does the main body and Chris does “the fiddly bits” by adding decorations. With the alphabet photos they both spot letters and locations and Gill puts the pictures together.

Being sisters who work together on projects has the added advantage of the fact that they can happily bounce ideas off each other with ease and not have to worry about the other one taking offence – after all, they’ve been squabbling and playing together all of their lives!