Current Exhibitions


1st March - 24th June

Farms, Flags, Forges

in collaboration with members of the 'Back in Settle' Facebook Group

Back in Settle: Farms, Flags, Forges has been inspired by a remarkable Facebook group set up around four years ago by local man, Mick Harrison to share stories and old photographs from the Settle area.   There are now almost 1,600 people involved from all over the world and the stories and photographs are ones most people will never have seen before, because up till now they have lain hidden in family albums and scrapbooks.   Mick quickly realised how many wonderful memories were disappearing into a skip as families moved away and was determined to do something about it. Thanks to his enthusiasm some amazing pictures are seeing the light of day.

Farms, Flags, Forges focuses on the area’s farming, quarrying, and associated Dales occupations. It  compares practices carried out today, with those of the past, giving visitors the chance to spot people from their own past, and perhaps share their own recollections.


1st March - 22nd December

Knitted Settle

knitted by the Crafty Knitters of Settle

Amazing knitted pictures of many of the buildings in Settle Town Centre, including The Folly.


1 May – 8 July

Voices from the Land

Voices from the Land brings together the faces, voices and words of farmers across the Yorkshire Dales in 2017. Captured through black-and-white portraits, colour images, audio recordings and writing, this exhibition drawn together by photographer Rob Fraser and writer Harriet Fraser gives a unique insight into farming in the Yorkshire Dales today and shares farmers’ thoughts of what the future may hold.

The collection features people of all ages, from young people still in school and aiming for a life in farming, to those who are ready to hand over or have retired, as well as images from the farming year with contributions from volunteers who helped with photography, interviews and recordings.

 Voices from the Land is a Farmer Network project supported by the Yorkshire Dales National Park Sustainability Development Fund and Heritage Lottery Fund.