Future Plans



“creating a sustainable heritage, arts and community centre for the North Craven Dales”

In November 2015, NCBPT Trustees embarked on the task of developing a strategy for the future of The Folly.

The Trustees determined at the outset that the strategy should achieve the following key objectives:

  • To ensure the preservation of the Folly for future generations
  • To make the Folly sustainable for the long term
  • To generate income for the Trust for use in saving other buildings at risk
  • To make the whole of the Folly accessible to all members of the public
  • To create a home for local heritage and arts activity
  • To bring the Folly to life - buzzing with activity!
  • To create a major, indoor visitor attraction
  • To make a positive contribution to the local economy


Following a period of wide and in-depth consultation and a rigorous options appraisal, a number of projects have been identified that it is believed will deliver the Trust's objectives. These were shared with the local community at a 'drop-in' at The Folly on 20th June 2016.

The cost of implementing all the projects is estimated to be £1million.

The timing of the implementation of the various projects will be governed by the Trust's ability to raise the necessary funds.

It is recognised that plans need to be flexible and open to amendment and adjustment as changing circumstances and new opportunities dictate.


The status of the projects which form part of the Folly Transformation Programme is as follows:

Folly Coffee House

Creation of The Folly Coffee House in the ground floor of the north range (previously occupied by a Holiday Let)

Current Status: Coffee House opened on 21st June 2017 


Parlour Activity/Meeting Room

Creation of an Activity/Meeting Room in The Parlour on the ground floor of the south range.

Current Status: Opened on 21st June 2017


New Accessible Main Entrance

Conversion of the north garage to create a new, wheelchair-friendly Main Entrance and exhibition area.

Current Status: Plans have been approved and project costed. Funding being sought.

Estimated Cost: £180,000

CLICK HERE to view plans >>


Heritage Discovery Centre

Install interpretation displays about the rich built-heritage within the North Craven and Ingleborough Dales.

Current Status: Grant received from 'Stories in Stone' and other YDMT funding programmes. Redman Design of Ilkley have been appointed to design the Heritage Discovery Centre which will be located in the Main Hall of the Central Range. Planned completion: February 2019

Estimated Cost: £30,000


Heritage Development Officer

Recruitment of an experienced heritage professional to deliver a 2 year programme of heritage activities that will increase the engagement of people (locals and visitors) with The Folly, the Museum and local built heritage.

Current Status: A funding application to the Heritage Lottery Fund was successful and a part-time Heritage Development Officer started work in late June 2018.

Estimated Cost: £55,000


New Permanent Museum Exhibition

Installation of a new 'state of the art', permanent exhibition on the upper floor of The Folly

Current Status: Proposal to be developed and costed.

Estimated cost: £100,000


Artisan Units

Units to be created on the middle floors of the north and south ranges for leasing to artisans.

Current Status: Detailed proposal to be developed and costed.

Estimated cost: £75,000


Lift Installation

Lift to be installed to greatly improve access to middle and upper floors for wheelchairs, pushchairs and people with restricted mobility.

Current Status: Detailed proposal to be developed and costed. 

Estimated cost: £90,000


Garden Improvements

Accessibility of garden to be improved so that it can be used as an outdoor area for The Coffee House and suitable for hosting exhibitions and events.

Current Status: Completed August 2018