Our Coffee and Tea

As a high quality Coffee House steeped in heritage it will come as no surprise
that we seek out suppliers with a similar emphasis on quality and heritage.

That is why, after assessing many different suppliers, we chose to 
purchase our coffee and speciality teas from J Atkinson & Co of Lancaster.



J Atkinson & Co. have been supplying Tea & Coffee to the good citizens of Lancaster and surrounding areas
since a young Queen Victoria came to the throne in 1837. The business was established in 1837 as the
Grasshopper Tea Warehouse and has occupied premises on China Street since 1901.

Many things have changed since Thomas Atkinson opened the first Grasshopper Tea Warehouse
way back in 1837, but reassuringly some things remain very much the same
- such as a good cup of Tea or Coffee.




roasted and blended by J Atkinson & Co.

Deep aroma, full body and balanced sweetness

with flavours of roasted nut, dark chocolate, caramel & melon.


"Archetype is designed to consistently deliver deep aroma, full body and balanced sweetness. The blend features coffees from origins where we have developed special relationships with growers, providing a sustainable trading framework for us, our producers & our customers. A Grade 1 wet-hulled Sumatran from the Rahmat Inara Farm provides a structured, velvety body and slightly spicy, base notes. The bridge of the blend is built on flavours of roasted nut, dark chocolate, caramel and a melon softness offered up by our Centrals from Guatemala or El Salvador, while the Ethiopians from Primary Co-ops give us a light flurry of floral stone-fruit sweetness. We aim for the blend to be forgiving & versatile. A broad spectrum of bold flavours can be found as an espresso or filter, black or white."

In short - Our coffee tastes GREAT!




Our standard tea is Yorkshire Tea

from Taylor's of Harrogate


A proper brew - pure and simple!

A lovely blend that's big on flavour and seriously refreshing.


Our speciality teas, tisanes and rooibos

are supplied by J Atkinson & Co of Lancaster


Black Teas

Irish Breakfast

A perfectly balanced blend designed to invigorate and revive at any time of day.

A perfectly balanced blend designed to invigorate and revive at any time of day. We seize the bright and boisterous, tippy Assam leaves and coax them into behaving with the gentler fine Darjeeling to produce a 'char-oscuro' creation. One sip and it's 'Top o’ the Morning to you!' For those who prefer English Breakfast you would just need to add a dash of China Keemun for a lighter touch, our Irish Breakfast Blend is a bit more vigourous, which seems to be what our legions of tea drinkers have preferred over the years.


Flavoured Black Teas

Extra Scented Earl Grey

Scented with a dash of oil from the citrus fruit bergamot for that discreetly distinctive and refreshing sensation.

The classic black china tea is scented with a dash of oil from the citrus fruit bergamot for that discreetly distinctive and refreshing sensation. This vital ingredient was presented to the second Earl Grey who was the British Prime Minister of the time, by an envoy on his visit to China in 1830. This light tea, pale gold in colour, has been served in the gilded china of the drawing rooms of England ever since.


Blue Sky Blend

Pink Grapefruit Sunshine

Renowned as they are for their Earl Grey Extra, Atkinson's thought they'd add another member to their citrus flavoured black tea family. With the addition of Orange already taken up on the market in the delightful form of Lady Grey, they looked to the next size up from Bergamot, which one only ever seems to find in Earl Grey, and settled on the Grapefruit. In creating this blend they decided to go for the sweeter more distinctive Pink Grapefruit. With the delicate decorative embellishment of Blue Cornflower petals they warmed to their theme of creating a cheery 'Recession-busting' refreshment. Blue Sky Blend was born and was so enamoured by the Judges at the North West Fine Food awards that they gave it a Gold Medal on its first outing into the wider world. Under the premise that 'another cup of tea' is the greatest procrastinator to the creative process, we would recommend that if you're looking to do some Blue Sky Thinking get Blue Sky Drinking! 


Green Teas

Chinese Sencha

Sweet notes and soft mild taste

The sweet notes and soft mild taste of this green tea are the result of only using the larger middle leaves, which contain less caffeine, gaining an infusion shimmers with golden green brilliance.



Tangy Sandalwood, Slight Eucalyptus

(Caffeine Free)

This South African caffeine-free alternative, also known as "Red-bush" tea is hugely popular in the land of the Springboks. The indigenous population knew of its stimulating medicinal properties long before the European settlers acquired a taste for it.


Herbal Tisanes

(Caffeine Free)


Intensely refreshing experience steeped in the essential oils of Peppermint,

Gleaned from the original herbal almanac of health giving infusions, you're following in some time-honoured footsteps with this intensely refreshing experience steeped in the essential oils of Peppermint, that undulate unctuously into the brew as it stews! Actually, don't let it stew, let it unfold & you will too, as its relaxing properties take effect, leaving your mind clear & your system purified . . .


Fruit Tisanes

(Caffeine Free)


Elderberries, apple, Hibiscus, Blackberries, Redcurrants, Raspberries.

All the foraged goodness of the Hedgerow, Elderberries, apple pieces, hibiscus, choke berries, beetroot, blackberries, flavouring, red currants, raspberry pieces, blackberry leaves, strawberry pieces. A pure taste of summer.


Blood Orange

A refreshing, Intensely rich, orangey tisane

This is such a versatile drink, especially when considered as an actual ingredient. Delicious hot as Winter warmer, or over ice as a Summer chiller. Coming off the caffeine can be really boring but this is a drink you can actually look forward to when other tisanes don't quite hit the spot. The beautifully sanguine liquor is perfect as an alcohol-free Sangria.